Colour Consultation

Colour can have a huge impact on how we look, how we feel and how others perceive us. When you get it right, it transforms your look and makes you look healthier, more vibrant and younger.


What you will learn

A professional colour consultation explains:

  • Why certain colours and shades complement your natural colouring, by making you look younger and healthier and bringing out the best in you
  • How to wear the colours that you already have whilst introducing new ones
  • How to mix and match colours to make your wardrobe more versatile
  • How to apply make-up shades that will show off the colour of your eyes and skin-tone to give a youthful and glowing effect
  • Where to shop for your colours this season

During the consultation

  • I will analyse your colouring based on your natural skin-tone, hair and eye colour to establish exactly which colours of clothes and make-up will work best for you (and which colours to avoid!).
  • I will show you how to mix and match and use your colours for maximum effect
  • I will also apply your make-up in colours which enhance your natural colouring

After the consultation

Most of my clients find that as soon as they start wearing some of their new colours, they immediately get compliments about how young and healthy they look which gives a renewed sense of self confidence!


Duration and costs

Duration: 2 hours

Price: £170 (£160 pp for 2 people)

Includes: Wallet of 42 FABRIC swatches for future shopping trips


Colour update

You may have been analysed in the past as a ‘Season’. The dominant colour palettes have now been updated and extended, giving a better indication of the colours that are ideal for you. Over time your colouring may have changed or perhaps you have changed your hair colour, this update session will help to get you back on track with your correct colour palette. This is a similar service to colour analysis, it includes a flattering make up in colours to suit you, but with the option of purchasing a new colour wallet if you wish.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Price: £115 (+ wallet cost if purchased)

Look healthier, more vibrant and younger by understanding and wearing colours that complement your colouring.

To arrange your consultation or to purchase gift vouchers for someone special please contact Lynnette