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Well what a year 2020 was!

If you are like me, my saviour during lockdown 1 was PE with Joe.  I was home-schooling at the time, and that 30 mins in the morning meant that the day started with a positive experience.

And since that I’ve been lunging, squatting and crunching in the privacy of my lounge.  Now I can do a hiit session, but I’m no runner (and seriously admire people who can!)  I know that lots of people have taken up running and jogging too, or even incorporating a daily walk into their working from home routine.

But whether we are exercising alone in our own private space, or heading out to get some fresh air and miles in the legs, we will feel better knowing that we are not only improving our bodies on the inside, but we also look the best version of ourselves on the outside.

I often get asked ‘should my exercise gear be in my best colours?’ And my honest answer is ‘why wouldn’t it be’? When working out we tend not to have as much (or any!) makeup on, and our hair is tied up out of the way – all we have is the clothes we choose to wear to make us look good – so my advice is to make those clothes work hard for you.

Whatever type of exercise you do there are two important style considerations: Colour and Patterns


Colour: Colour will brighten up a January jog or a winter workout. Plus colour brightens up how we look too. So wear your best colour on your top and next to your face – this way that fab colour will reflect on your face and give the effect of a brighter healthier you (even before you start your work out!).

This vest from Sweaty Betty in teal – is great if you like your colour on the subtle side. Plus Teal is a universal colour, meaning that it looks great on many of us.

Sweaty Betty Athlete Seamless Vest, Green, £38

Sweaty Betty Athlete Seamless Vest, Green, £38

The other way to think about colour – is to use it to hide any bits you aren’t a big fan of.  We can do this by wearing a brighter or lighter colour on the area of our body that we like, or by putting a darker shades on the areas we don’t like.  Take these two examples from M&S: the lighter pink top vs the navy leggings draws your eye to the top half.  Whilst the khaki bottoms vs black top draws your eye to the leg area.

Go Train 7:8 Gym Leggings M&S £29.50

Go Train 7:8 Gym Leggings M&S £29.50

Go Train Colour Block Gym Leggings M&S £29.50

Go Train Colour Block Gym Leggings M&S £29.50

So moving on to


Patterns can really transform our shape, if they are worn on the ‘right’ parts of our body and used to balance out our proportions.

So where should you wear patterns? Well on a part of you that you are happy with and want to emphasise.

At the moment there are a lot of statement logos on garments, which are often across the chest. These are great if you want to emphasis your chest line, but just remember that the logo will draw attention to that area! If you like a bit of sparkle then this top from Next is a great option. If you are pear shaped then wear with darker (e.g. black of charcoal leggings)

Nike Dri-FIT Get Fit Fleece Sparkle Training Sweat Top, £48

Nike Dri-FIT Get Fit Fleece Sparkle Training Sweat Top, £48

This hoodies from M&Co is perfect for drawing attention away from any hips / legs that you might not like, and the horizontal stripes on your top half will instantly shrink the appearance of your hips!

Spirit Striped Hoodie, M&Co £26.99

Spirit Striped Hoodie, M&Co £26.99

Whilst if you have great legs, then show them off with a bold pattern – like these leggings from Sweaty Betty.  They are also perfect to draw attention away from your top half.  Just wear with a plain darker shade top

Sweaty Betty Power 7:8 Gym Leggings, Blue Snake £75

Sweaty Betty Power 7:8 Gym Leggings, Blue Snake £75

And I love these leggings from H&M, with the pattern below the knee – perfect to draw the attention away from hips and down to slim ankles!

Sports tights High Waist H&M £19.99

If you need any help or guidance on understanding how you personally can wear colour or patterns, then drop me a line.

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When I am in the appropriate tier and allowed to work face to face, this is an overview of what changes I have already made in my studio, which are aligned to the Government Guidelines.  

So what will be different?

Face to Face Consultations (in my home studio)

  • I have PPE in place, along with all other measures you would expect e.g. hand sanitising, distancing as much as possible etc
  • Due to the COVID guidelines for the virus on fabric, my fabric colour drapes need 72 hours between clients, so I have limited slots for Colour Consultations (I would advise that you book ahead to secure your date)
  • I will also be consulting in a different place within my house – to limit your exposure to soft furnishing etc, and have direct access to use any hand washing, toilet facilities
  • All facilities will be cleaned before your Consultation, and fresh hand washing towels etc will be provided


Face to Face Consultations (in your home environment)

  • I am also offering mobile consultations – where I come to your home environment
  • I will wear my (now) ‘normal’ consultations PPE, hand sanitise, even bring my own hand towel for hand washing, and minimise contact with items in your house eg seats, sides etc
  • I charge a little extra to cover the extra travel time (based on your location from my studio), but if you are more comfortable in your own surroundings, then this is a perfect solution


Virtual Consultations

  • However just because I can see clients face to face doesn’t mean that is the only option
  • I will still conduct virtual consultations online, as these have been working very well during lockdown
  • So if you are isolating, or just prefer a remote option, then virtual sessions are perfect for this
When its the start of a new season, its always best to remember what makes you uniquely you.  We don’t want to be clones of each other – we want to be the best version of ourselves.  Helping my clients do this is what makes me really happy as an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist.

Now is also a great time to have a declutter – so you know what you have, and what you might want for the new season to refresh your wardrobe to ensure you look current, and like the well dressed woman you want to be perceived as.

Each new season, the fashion industry and retailers bombard us with images of whats ‘hot’ right now.  How I tackle the new season, is to work with my clients to see how they can incorporate the latest trends into their wardrobe, whilst still feeling like themselves.

This Autumn/winter season we are seeing two opposing trends that I want to focus – to help you understand which might be ‘the trend’ for you.  These 2 trends are ‘Mixing Patterns’ and the ‘Tone On Tone Look’:

Yellow floral skirt and blouse mixed patterned look. Mustard tonal style