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Christmas jumpers have gone off the ‘boil’ over the last few years – but I’m predicting a Christmas jumper revival this year (you heard it here first!) – as we are all planning and hoping to have the best Christmas ever to make up for lockdown Christmas of 2020!

As ever I like to give advice on how to look good no matter what the occasion – and Christmas jumper season is no different! Just because you are having fun with your clothing doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look great yourself.

So here’s my best picks of Christmas jumpers this season.

If you suit dark colours, you probably have dark hair and eyes – and this super fun Christmas wreath jumper from George at Asda will work brilliantly with your hair and eye colour, and really enhance that natural depth that you have in your colouring.

  1. Black Christmas wreath light up sequin jumper, George at Asda £16 (sale price)

    Black Christmas wreath light up sequin jumper, George at Asda £16 (sale price)

Whilst if you prefer a more subtle festive vibe, then this relaxed fit silver star jumper from Hush is perfect.

hush Stella Star Christmas Jumper

Stella Star Jumper, Hush, £79

If dark colours overwhelm you, you probably have blonde hair and light eyes, and hence something like this Christmas Minnie Mouse jumper from Tu, will balance out your delicate colouring

Christmas Disney Minnie Mouse Jumper

Christmas Disney Minnie Mouse Jumper, Tu, £20

Plus this fair Isle jumper is a super cosy alternative to the traditional Christmas jumpers, but will work equally well with your light and delicate colouring

Fair Isle christmas Jumper

Fair Isle Jumper, M&Co, £34.99

If you have a pink undertone to your skin, then you look great in blues – and both these jumpers will look great on you: the fun Gonk design, or the blue Fair Ilse pattern, both from Next

  1. Gonk Christmas Jumper

    Gonk scene Christmas Jumper, Next £32

Fair Isle pattern Christmas jumper

Fair Isle pattern Christmas Jumper, Next, £42

However, if you skin tone is more olive, then there are lots of reds around at this time of year.  Opt for a true red, or a ‘warm’ red like a tomato shade, and rock that Christmas jumper.  This Lipsy jumper is perfect for dog lovers.

Lipsy Christmas Sweatshirt

Christmas Sweatshirt, Lipsy, £28

If reds are too bright, then how about the warm neutral shades of this Monsson jumper, which will harmonise with your olive skin

Frankie Fairisle Christmas Jumper

8. Frankie Fair Isle Jumper, Monsoon, £55

This super fun penguin jumper will work brilliantly if you have dark hair and bright eyes – and it will make your eyes pop due to the contrasting colours!

Red Fairisle Penguin Christmas Jumper

9. Red Fairisle Penguin Christmas Jumper, George at Asda, £12.80 (sale price)

However, if you find that colour can ‘swamp’ you, then you might be better in softer and more muted colours.  Like this grey reindeer jumper from Next

Grey Sequin Reindeer Christmas Jumper

10. Grey Sequin Reindeer Jumper, Next, £32

Or this comfortable slogan sweatshirt from George at Asda

Merry Crew Christmas jumper

Merry Crew slogan sweatshirt, George at Asda, £11.20 (sale price)

As ever you can use accessoires to have a nod towards the Christmas theme – and whilst masks aren’t compulsory (at the time of writing anyway!) many still like to wear them when out and about.  This festive face mask from White Stuff is perfect!

12. Festive face mask

Festive face mask, White Stuff, £3 (sale price)


If you need any help or guidance on understanding your best festive shades, then drop me a line. Gift Vouchers are also available, and make wonderfully thoughtful Christmas presents.

Woman in black dress
As an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist I get asked about the colour black a lot!  ‘Can I wear black?’  ‘Please don’t tell me that I ‘cant’ wear black!’ BTW I would never tell someone that they couldn’t wear a specific colour, but I would show them the most flattering way for them to wear that specific colour.

Many women use black as a staple ‘uniform’ or their wardrobe, whether that’s a working or social wardrobe.  It’s often also the first colour choice for evening / socialising wear.

It’s often thought that black is slimming – it can be, if worn in the correct style and fabric.  In fact, it’s just darker shades that are slimming rather than black per se.

But also – it’s not just the colour you wear but how you wear it that makes it a success.


Wear black on its own

If you can wear black on its own, then go for it and make a bold statement.  You could add different textures to add interest your outfit e.g. if layering


Wear black in contrast

Some of us can wear black, but not on its own, and we need some contrast i.e. lighter or brighter colour teamed with it.  Think monochrome look, or adding a splash of your best colour

Well hello party season!  How we do love you!  This time of year often gives us the opportunity to get a bit dressed up – whether we have a party to go to or not – as it is the season where we can add a touch of glamour and shimmer even if we are on the school run, nipping to the shops, or having a quick coffee catch up with our friends!  This is particularly true this year, with the autumn / winter catwalks showing lots of ways to dress up the everyday outfit, and as ever the catwalk trends have made their way to our local shops.

So what does this party season look like?

Enter the party in style:

Capes are not only bang on trend this season, they easy slip over whatever your outfit.  This cape from Joules (available from your local Next) not only ticks the checks trend, also the faux fur trend this season.

AW trends, Cape trends

Joules Tweed poncho, £100


This season the key outerwear accessories are colourful gloves.  These gorgeous and super soft leather gloves from John Lewis come in a wide range of colours – so there is bound to be one that suits you!

AW trends, Accessory trends, Glove style

Red leather gloves (John Lewis) £25


The Main Event: