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What does the new year hold for you?  We often take the turning of the year to reflect on the year past, and what we would like the future year to look like.

I see many clients in the New Year who want ‘New Year, New You’ – and in my world that means an image refresh. Rightly or wrongly we are judged on our appearance – someone who looks very well presented is assumed to be ‘on top of their game’. But our image also sends messages about who we are (or who we want to be perceived as).

In my new Personal Branding consultation, I focus on what our image says about us, and ensuring that image is the one that we want others to have of us. One element that I touch on is the psychology of colour.

Colour can not only make us look amazing, it can also send messages to others about us. Plus, the Colour we wear also has an impact on how we feel too!

So if you are thinking about your image going into the New Year – whether that to give you inner confidence or to wow your new boss at your interview – then maybe you might like to think about how you can use colour to your advantage to tell the world what you are all about:

Here’s a quick run through the primary colours.

Red – Is a real power colour!  It’s exciting, energetic and ambitious.  But beware, the power of this colour can be seen as aggressive to some.  So use in situations carefully, and ones that you want to be in charge of!

If you just want a hint of this powerful colour, then an accessory like this chain strap handbag from Marks & Spencer is perfect.

Red EDIE CROSS BODY handbag Accessorize

Whilst if you want to command the attention that you deserve, then you will receive it in this structured but feminine silhouetted jacket from Hobbs.


Red Hobbs Jacket

Blue – In contrast to red, Blue is calmer.  It conveys messages of trust, peace and order.  It can also be seen as predictable and conservative – great for saying ‘I’m a safe pair of hands’, but not so much if you are more creative and want to shake things up a bit!

This gorgeous satin shirt from M&S is simple, stylish and sophisticated.  It can be easily dressed up or down, smart or casual – a shirt that you will get a lot of wear out of!

Blue satin blouse Marks & Spencer

This pleated skirt from White Stuff is being worn in an ‘on trend’ tonal way which is trustworthy, and current.  The skirt is also very versatile, wear now with a cosy knit and ankle boots, and later in the season with a tee and trainers.

Blue Stem Shimmer Skirt, White Stuff

Yellow – Who doesn’t smile when they see yellow?!  It’s a friendly, happy and playful colour.  So keep it out of the corporate board room, but use it when you want to show your playful side!

This cosy yellow coat from Yumi couldn’t be more playful, and great for adding a pop of colour to your look.  You could even pop this over a smart dress for work, or jeans for a more casual look.

Yellow Yumi Moleskin Brushed Coat

If yellow isn’t your best colour, but you would like a pop of playfulness to your outfit, then the lines of this Mulberry tote has a perfect balance of sleek vs playful.

Yellow Mulberry Bayswater Small Classic Grain Leather Tote Bag

It’s not just the bright and bold primary colours that send clear messages, neutral colours do exactly the same!

Black – Has a timeless elegance and sophistication to it.  But it is a colour which is not to be messed with – as it can convey power and control, and also be unapproachable.

Beiges – Whilst in contrast, Beiges are friendly and approachable.  So if you want people to reach out for you, then you should reach out for the beiges in your wardrobe!

This beige knitted skirt and jumper is a chic combo, and here teamed with some winter ankle boots to finish off the look.


Beige MALI KNITTED PENCIL SKIRT and jumper, Monsoon

If you want to know more about the messages that all colours can show, then please contact me about my Personal Branding Consultations.  Or if you would just like to know which colours make you look amazing, then why not book in for a Colour Consultation – and treat yourself in the New Year!

Here’s to a colourful 2020!


Well hello party season!  How we do love you!  This time of year often gives us the opportunity to get a bit dressed up – whether we have a party to go to or not – as it is the season where we can add a touch of glamour and shimmer even if we are on the school run, nipping to the shops, or having a quick coffee catch up with our friends!  This is particularly true this year, with the autumn / winter catwalks showing lots of ways to dress up the everyday outfit, and as ever the catwalk trends have made their way to our local shops.

So what does this party season look like?

Enter the party in style:

Capes are not only bang on trend this season, they easy slip over whatever your outfit.  This cape from Joules (available from your local Next) not only ticks the checks trend, also the faux fur trend this season.

AW trends, Cape trends

Joules Tweed poncho, £100


This season the key outerwear accessories are colourful gloves.  These gorgeous and super soft leather gloves from John Lewis come in a wide range of colours – so there is bound to be one that suits you!

AW trends, Accessory trends, Glove style

Red leather gloves (John Lewis) £25


The Main Event:


When its the start of a new season, its always best to remember what makes you uniquely you.  We don’t want to be clones of each other – we want to be the best version of ourselves.  Helping my clients do this is what makes me really happy as an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist.

Now is also a great time to have a declutter – so you know what you have, and what you might want for the new season to refresh your wardrobe to ensure you look current, and like the well dressed woman you want to be perceived as.

Each new season, the fashion industry and retailers bombard us with images of whats ‘hot’ right now.  How I tackle the new season, is to work with my clients to see how they can incorporate the latest trends into their wardrobe, whilst still feeling like themselves.

This Autumn/winter season we are seeing two opposing trends that I want to focus – to help you understand which might be ‘the trend’ for you.  These 2 trends are ‘Mixing Patterns’ and the ‘Tone On Tone Look’:

Yellow floral skirt and blouse mixed patterned look. Mustard tonal style

The sun is shining, and its time to get to get our sunnies on!

Sunglasses not only protect our eyes from harmful UV rays, but they are also a wonderful way of updating our look, adding interest to our outfit and showing our personal style.

Here’s my tips on choosing the best sunglasses for your face shape, personal colouring, and your unique style.

There are 3 things to consider when looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses: Shape, Colour and your personal Style


Different shaped sunglasses suit different face shapes – so I would suggest that you choose a frame shape that flatters and suits your personal face shape.

The general rule is if you have an angular face shape – where your cheekbones and jaw are in line (sometimes called square or rectangular shape) – then use glasses to soften the angular lines.  So go for round or oval shapes – like these from Polo Ralph Lauren or these from Prada for a more statement look

Sunglasses, shades, sunnies, sunglasses

Polo Ralph Lauren round, House of Fraser, £127

Sunglasses, shades, sunnies, sunglasses

Prada Oval sunglasses, John Lewis, £127

If your face shape is rounder, with rounded edges to all sides of the face – then use square or rectangular shaped sunglasses to balance out the curves of the face. These from Dior and Rayban for great!

Sunglasses style, Shades style

Dior Nuance square sunglasses £220 John Lewis

Rayban sunglasses

Rayban square sunglasses £145 House Of Fraser

If your face shape is more heart shaped or an inverted triangle (great cheek bones and a narrower chin) –  then look for sunglasses that are wider at the bottom, and with lightweight arms so that they don’t add too much width to your temple area, like these aviator styles from Rayban and Hush.

Spring / Summer Trends

Booking is now OPEN for my (very popular and always fun!) SEASONAL UPDATES for SS’20

Thursday 26th March, 10am – 12.30pm 

Friday 27th March, 10am – 12.30pm


The key trends for SS’20
The ‘hot’ colours for SS’20
How you can wear the latest trends, taking into consideration your colouring and body shape
Tips and advice on how to put whole outfits together for the new season
Handy take away guide
– PLUS: mini workshop session – details to be announced!

Sessions this season will have a sustainable focus to the seasonal style, whilst still allowing attendees to add an item or 2 from the latest trends at the session itself.

All clients will have the opportunity to get my personal advice on an item from their current wardrobe, and how that item could work with the latest trends.

If you haven’t been to an Seasonal Update before here are some words that clients have said about them:

– Informative
– Motivating
– Stylish
– Informal
– Self Care
– Personal Touch
– Fun

These sessions are in small groups, and often get booked up quickly – so book your place by emailing me

If you cant make these dates – then let me know and I can arrange a bespoke Seasonal Update session for you

Price is £15 pp, or £10 pp if you would like to bring a friend along

Contact me to book your place

Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the largest polluters on the planet, second only to the oil industry? That sounds bizarre but when you think about the water pollution, water consumption, waste accumulation, microfibres, chemicals, carbon emissions, soil degradation and rainforest destruction involved in producing textiles – the fashion world has a lot to answer for.

And as consumers we can be just as much to blame. The ‘fast fashion’ habit – where you might buy a cheap top for a night out only to have it fall apart after a couple of washes so you throw it away – only exacerbates the problem.

What is “Sustainable Fashion”?

“Sustainable fashion” is a bit of a catch-all phrase for the growing movement within the industry towards a more environmentally conscious approach to design and production.

The industry is doing its bit to clean up their act by developing processes that are kinder to the environment and to the people involved in production. And you canfind designerswho focus on sustainability and fair trade, but you do need to hunt for them. I think it will be a while yet before sustainable fashion goes mainstream.

how can you be sustainable with your clothes

So what can we as consumers do in the meantime?

I believe it starts with us as individuals giving just a little thought and consideration when shopping for new clothes.

You’d think as a personal stylist I’d be encouraging you to do more shopping, buy more, consume more. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Sustainability has always been intrinsically linked to how I work in my image consulting studio. When clients come to me for advice, I always emphasise that while a nod to the latest trends is welcome, the focus needs to be on sustainable style.

How does that work?

Discover what works for you, and onlyyou

If you know what makes you look good – both in style and colour – then any wardrobe purchases will have lasting quality. My colour and styling consultations reveal what colours work best for you, and what styles suit your body shape. I give you all the tools you need to make smart choices when buying new clothes, choices that will last you for several years. No more unworn or unloved clothes at the back of your wardrobe!

What to remember when clothes shopping

Ask yourself these three questions: Do I needit? Will I get lots of use out of it? What do I already have that I can mix and match it with?

You can only answer this honestly if you have a good grasp on what you already have at home. And if you can answer YES to all three questions andif the item works for you in colour, shape and style andit makes you feel fabulous in it, then go for it!

Work with what you have already

Your current wardrobe probably has more potential in it than you realise. I recommend that every now and again you should have a good old clear out, removing anything that doesn’t work for you anymore and taking it to your local charity shop. Then rearrange what’s left so you can see how everything works together. Personally I organise my wardrobe by item type e.g. jackets, short-sleeved tops, skirts etc, then by colour so I can see all the available options for mixing and matching.

If this feels like a bit of a daunting task, then my Wardrobe Weedingservice is perfect. I will come to your house, rummage through your wardrobe, and determine very quickly which items you should keep or not. This isn’t just because of my personal styling knowledge and expertise. As I don’t have the emotional attachment to your wardrobe that you do, I can take an entirely objective view!

Once we’ve identified the items you want to keep, we’ll find anything that needs a little TLC – maybe some mending or altering. If you don’t have the necessary sewing or dressmaking skills then it’s time to make friends with your local seamstress! Before you know it you’ll be seeing a whole new realm of possibilities in your wardrobe!

Personal style isn’t about always buying the latest trend. Its about knowing your individual style personality and making the most of it. Discovering your “best you” if you like. This is where I can help. Please contact me to find out how.

And remember my styling mantra: Buy less, wear more.

Until next time,

Lynnette xx

Checks and Animal print styling
As much as I’ve enjoyed such a glorious long, hot Summer, I’m actually pretty pleased that Autumn is finally showing its face. This is undeniably my favourite season! I’m so relieved to be waving goodbye to those hot humid nights of precious little or no sleep, and welcoming the crisp mornings, dew on the grass, and piles of crunchy golden leaves to stomp through.

Every change of season heralds a new range of fashion collections, and as a personal stylist and image consultant that sets my trend-spotting antenna buzzing! And the new Autumn/Winter 2018 season has not disappointed. I’m thrilled that prints have remained firmly on the menu in just about every couture collection doing the rounds of the catwalk shows.

If you attended one of my Spring/Summer styling sessions, you will remember my advice on how to wear patterns. Anyonecan wear a pattern, you just need to choose carefully according to your shape and style personality.

This Autumn you will see patterns wherever you look, so if its not something you would ordinarily consider I encourage you to think about it now. Some of the new trends are already hitting the High Street, and the two main patterns I want to highlight are animal printand checks.

summer holiday suitcase
How many times has this happened to you? You come back from a wonderful holiday in the sun with a great tan, your phone full of photos and videos, totally chilled – and a suitcase full of clothes only half of which have been worn? Okay so the laundry load may be lighter, but how frustrating is it to realise that there was no need to pack it all in the first place? Think of all the space you could have saved for souvenirs!

In the past I’ve fallen into this trap just as often as the next sun-seeker, and these days I have the double challenge of packing for my young son too. I often find my suitcase filling up with hisbooks, toys, inflatable crocodile and snorkelling gear. Add enough sun screen to sink a battle ship and you can begin to understand why I’ve now been forced to hone my holiday packing skills into a fine art.

It seems that we’re required to travel light these days. Airlines have put increasing restrictions on checked-in baggage weights and the volume of liquids you can carry with you are severely limited, so we can’t sneak things like cosmetics or toiletries into our hand luggage. They don’t make it easy for us girls, do they?

Over the years I’ve learned the hard way how to pack smart so now I’m sharing my top tips with you. My experience as a personal stylist has taught me how a simple holiday capsule wardrobe and just the right accessories can see me from beach to bar and beyond without breaking into a sweat.

Tip #1:Put everything you want to take out on your bed. Then put half of it back. That sounds a bit drastic but it forces you to focus. Be ruthless – you always wear less than you think you will!

redlipstick, cmbmakeup
And if that woman happens to be wearing red lipstick, then she is saying “I’m a woman in control”!

As a styling and makeup consultant I regularly get asked for tips on wearing red lipstick. Usually this is because while most ladies would love to be able to wear red lipstick when they feel like it, they don’t know how to go about finding the right one.

So why wear red lipstick?

The colour red has so many meanings – danger, stop, energy, strength, power, passion, desire, love – and all those meanings practically scream the same message:-

Look at this! Pay attention! Don’t look away!

Red lips are a definitive and perennial staple of women’s beauty regimes for a very good reason. It’s the look that symbolises “classic” beauty. Think of all those iconic women whose signature look is red lipstick – everyone from Marilyn Monroe and Jean Harlow to the current stars of stage and screen like Taylor Swift and Scarlett Johansson. There isn’t one that doesn’t reach for a slick of red lipstick when they want to make a statement. It’s just one of the ways they portray their undeniable feminine power and self-possession.

When I see a woman wearing red lipstick I immediately think “this woman is confident and in total control”. Red lipstick is a source of strength. When you put it on you immediately feel more poised, more self-assured and empowered. It draws attention to your mouth and – subsequently – the words that come out of it. Red lipstick is all about asserting yourself. I often reach for a slick of red lips on days when I need a boost, it’s my own personal mood changer.

Why are some people scared of wearing red lipstick?

One of the best things about being a personal image consultant – apart from meeting my lovely clients of course – is that a couple of times a year I get to preview the upcoming fashion trends. I go to catwalk shows with my Colour Me Beautiful colleagues, try out the latest wardrobe styles, accessories and make-up, get up close and personal with gorgeous new merchandise and compare notes with other expert personal stylists.  I love my job!

But while I’d love to tell you that I’m hanging out with models, deisgners or even shopping all day, what I’m actually doing is studying the trends. The core part of my job is to pick out the key looks and translate them into what works for ordinary people, like you and me, taking into consideration our colouring, shape, style personality and lifestyle.

So let’s start with the colours for the AW ‘17 season

There’s lots of talk of the “big” colours for this year, with red being at the top of every designer’s list. Actually, it’s not just at the top of the list: it’s standing in four-inch stiletto heels, pinning the rest of the list down, adding another coat of lippy and shouting “Look at meeeee!”

Red is a great colour, anyone can wear it, and personally I love a bit of red to brighten up an outfit, even if it’s just some red lipstick. It can lift me up, boost my confidence and send me out into the world with a big, self-assured smile.

But I realise red isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some women just don’t feel right in red and if this is you then there’s no need to feel left out or let down. Because standing next to Red, holding her jacket and egging her on is…… (drum roll) …. Navy!