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About me

I'm an award winning Image Consultant and Personal Stylist with Colour Me Beautiful, covering Watford, Rickmansworth, Croxley Green, Middlesex, Harrow, Pinner, Northwood as well as surrounding areas in Hertfordshire. I started my journey with Colour Me Beautiful after a successful corporate career when I found myself as a mum with a young family and I had lost my style way. Read about my story here....

Ultimately for me My Colour & Style is about building confidence in women. For me personal image plays a big part in my confidence.

When I'm wearing something that I look my best in then I can take on the world - whether that's a big presentation or boosting my spirits on a grey day.

I want other women to have the confidence to do / take on whatever they want to. I have visited personal stylists over the years, and at best come away with a good bag of shopping and at worst come away with knowledge on a single person’s view on style but not one that works for me. Then I found Colour Me Beautiful and found an approach that is personal, individual and can last for years – and gives me the confidence to buy and wear clothes that make me feel good.

So how did I find Colour Me Beautiful?

It was after my son was born and I was back at work juggling work and family life and feeling like I was failing on all sides when my ‘crunch’ happened – and my body and mind did actually ‘fail’ and I was signed off work with exhaustion. It was ironically during this time that I found Colour Me Beautiful.

A friend of a friend was (and still is) a Colour Me Beautiful image consultant, and I always admired her from afar and thought that she looked fabulous whenever I saw her. I gave her a call, and she kindly (and gently) introduced the black and beige me, that I’d become, into the world of Colour Me Beautiful. It might sound trivial, but my image on the outside partly helped me get back on track and face the world again. I returned to work with a confidence I hadn’t had in a while, but only to face redundancy a few months later. I even recall choosing my clothes very carefully on days that I had redundancy meetings to ensure that I was wearing my ‘best’ colours and hence I felt at my best!

For me redundancy was the best decision that someone else has made for me, and whilst I didn’t know it at the time, it gave me the opportunity to do what I really want to do – which is to help other people build their confidence and feel good about themselves.

So welcome to My Colour and Style, powered by Colour Me Beautiful. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to help us all look and feel more confident – please read more about the Services that I offer below.